COVID-19 Indoor Test Kit


Sentinel Health Shield Is Proudly Offering Testing Backed By phylagen


Monitor your space for the virus that causes COVID-19 so you can take action to stop the spread.


  • Detects virus even if carriers are asymptomatic
  • Results within 24 hours on secure portal
  • 95% confidence level using advanced qPCR technology

If a sick person enters a space they can leave behind pathogens in the air that eventually land on surfaces. Environmental testing is a simple way to know what’s circulating in your air, including the virus that causes COVID-19.


Get Started

To order your testing kit, select a package.  You have the option of doing the test on your own or allowing us to complete the testing for you.  If you purchase a test with the intention of doing it your own and want to upgrade to have us do it for, we certainly will.  After you purchase, will be in contact with you to schedule testing if you have chosen to have us complete them.  If you have chosen to complete them yourself, you will receive shipping information as it becomes available.  Typical shipping times are 72 hours. 

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